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7-Year-Old Goes To Disney World With Her 4 Parents, But Their T-Shirts Leave People In Awe

Divorce is very common these days, and it is hard for everyone, especially the children. Co-parenting after a divorce can be very challenging and the source of stress and conflict. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

As adults, we all need to figure out how to get along – for the children. Take Maddie’s parents, Joseph Hawkey and Tiffany Bankert, they got a divorce in 2009.

The couple remained friends for Maddie’s sake, in fact, they stayed friends after they both got remarried to other people. Maddie, now 7, went to Disney world with her dad and stepmom, Briana Hawkey. Tiffany and her husband, Luke Bankert, went too! All four of Maddie’s parents went on vacation together! Look at their shirts!

They are a proud group of people showing the rest of us how it is done! The four adults work hard to get along, so Maddie isn’t caught in the middle of things.