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7-Year-Old Girl Bullied For A Year, Then These Men Show Up To Protect Her

What would you think if you saw a group of bikers gathering in a neighborhood? Would you panic or be concerned? That is exactly what the bikers wanted people to feel – but not for the reason you may expect. Seven-year-old Ashley Wastakiewicz was a victim of bullying, she was so afraid to go outside and play!

The 11-year old boy who bullied her beat her up so badly once she was hospitalized! The Facebook page “Justice for Ashley” was put up by Ashley’s mom to help support Ashley. No one ever expected dozens of motorcyclists to show up in their front yard! The big, tough, bikers hung around all day and walked the neighborhood streets with Ashley as she rode her scooter.

Take a look at this video

They all promised to stay in touch with Ashley when the day was over. We all have a role to play in getting rid of bullying.

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