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7-Year-Old Boy Left With Detached Fingertip After Teacher Slammed It To Door

A young first-grade student only known by the name Willie may lose a portion of his finger after his teacher reportedly slammed it in a classroom door.

The incident occurred at the Hillsborough County School District at Cahoon Elementary Magnet School in Tampa.

Can you imagine being called at work to hear that your child has been injured by a teacher?

Willie’s dad said that while his son’s fingers are healing, there was extensive nerve damage.

The teacher was identified as Amanda Carranza – the district was trying to determine if it was an accident.

I have a hard time believing a teacher would intentionally slam a child’s fingers in the door.

Take a look at this video

According to a district spokesperson, Carranza has been a teacher since 2011 and never had any complaints filed against her.

Carranza was put on paid leave according to Fox News until the situation was resolved.

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