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7-Year-Old Arrested After Neighbors See What He’s Doing To Their Food From Roof (Video)

A seven-year-old boy in Maryland allegedly urinated on his neighbor barbecue grill from the roof of his house.

There is video evidence too, and the boy faces charges of malicious destruction of property.

It is more than just allegations with the video.

boy on the roof

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Once word of this got out, some people are outraged that the boy was punished so severely.

Um, he peed on his neighbor’s grill – seven-year-olds know right from wrong, he deserved to be punished.

boy on the roof

Image Credit: N/A

Maybe his parents should discipline him more at home, so he doesn’t continue to act out like this.

What happens if he gets away with this – what more damage will he think he in entitled to do when he gets older?

Well, you if do the crime, you do the time, as they say.

Nip this problem in the bud. His parents are to blame for this too.

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