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Mom Visits 6-Year-Old Son’s School During Lunch To See He’s Being ‘Publicly Shamed’ By Teachers

Discipline plays an essential role in shaping children, but there’s a fine line between teaching a lesson and being outright cruel.

Unfortunately, Hunter, a 6-year-old elementary schooler, fell victim to the latter. While dropping her son off at school, Nicole ran into some car troubles.

Stressed because she knew her son would be tardy, Nicole did everything she could to mitigate the problem promptly.

Try as she might, Hunter was still late to school.

Nicole, who’s well aware of the school’s policy, knew Hunter would be receiving lunch detention for his tardiness.

When his lunch hour rolled around, Nicole decided to check in on him.

When she strolled into the lunchroom, she was appalled.

Not only was her son unfairly punished for being a few minutes late, but he was also forced to eat behind a cardboard cutout that obstructed his vision.

When Nicole arrived, her son was in tears. He felt utterly humiliated.

In an attempt to seek justice, Nicole snapped a photo and shared it to social media.

Her community echoed her frustration, demanding that the school ease up on their regulations.

Best of all, Nicole was gifted a new car to ensure that Hunter would never be tardy to school again.