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6-Month-Old Baby Girl Eaten Alive By Her Family’s Pit Bull At Home

This story is just too sad. A 6-month-old baby, Kamiko, was killed by the family dog in Las Vegas Valley.

According to the baby’s mother, Layla Tsuda, the infant was playing near her baby walker when the incident occurred.

Tsuda reportedly left the child and the dog, Mana, alone when she went to use the bathroom.

When she returned, she saw Mana biting Kamiko. They rushed Kamiko to the hospital, but she later died.

Mana had been a part of the family for nine years and never bit anyone.

No one is quite sure what happened to make Mana attack the child.

The tragedy here is that a baby lost its life.

Take a look at this video

Dogs may be considered good family pets, but when it comes to your child’s safety.

Don’t leave them alone in a room with a dog, you never know what may trigger an attack.

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