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11-Year-Old Student Suspended For Secretly Recording Bully Teacher

Brianna Cooper is a student at Fort Pierce, Florida who is well-behaved.

Brianna who is only eleven years old used her phone to record an alleged abuse where her teacher bullied another student.

She thought she was doing the right thing at the time, but the way the school responded after the incident left her mother in shock.

The audio recording by Brianna sounds like the science teacher is belittling the student.

The teacher can be heard telling the student how they are the biggest in class, and yet they act like they are the smallest.

The science teacher also adds that she wonders how the mom to the student looks like.

Sadly, this does not stop here.

The teacher also adds threats warning the student that her size should not fool them because she can drop them easily.

Brianna turned over her recording to another teacher at the school, buts she was summoned to the principal’s office.

The authorities at the school confirmed that the teacher in the video was fired for verbal abuse.

However, Brianna was also punished, which caught her mother by surprise.

Brianna received a suspension for five days because recording a teacher in secret is illegal in Florida.

The school punished Brianna because they believe teachers expect some level of privacy when they are in class.

Cassie, Brianna’s mother, states that Brianna did the right thing because she is too young to understand the law.

Brianna’s supporters believe that students should not be encouraged to keep quiet when they witness something wrong.

This is because it causes more harm.