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5-Year-Old Sits At The Piano And Breaks Into Tears. The Reason Why Is Exquisite

Can you remember what you were doing when you were five years old? I imagine I was running around playing with dolls and getting into trouble with my brothers! This private performance is from 2013, and it features a 5-year-old boy named Ryan Wang, a piano prodigy from Canada.

Sitting right next to the piano is one of Ryan’s biggest fans, Dorothy Landry (aka Grandma Dorothy), 101. Landry met Ryan when he was just three years old and was excited to hear him play. Being able to sit right next to the piano made it much easier for Dorothy (who is hard of hearing) to enjoy the performance. Ryan is playing “Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song.”

Take a look at this video

Ryan has also performed at Carnegie Hall and on “The Ellen Show.” But, playing for Grandma Dorothy is probably a special treat for him.

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