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Neighbor Opens Door To See 5-Year-Old All Alone Clutching His Baby Sister

At five years old, Sal Cicalese is already a hero! Sal was at home with his mom and baby sister when his mother, Kaitlyn, had a seizure while taking a shower. Sal saw his unconscious mother and panicked (remember, he is only five), he thought she was dead! Then Sal managed to get the garage door open, pick up his sister, and walk to the neighbor’s house for help!

How many five-year-old’s do you know who could do stay calm enough to deal with all of this?! Jessica Penoyer opened her door and saw Sal and his sister and was shocked when she heard Sal say his mom was dead. Jessica called 911 and help soon arrived, and they got Kaitlyn out of the shower, she could have drowned!

Take a look at this video

To honor his brave life-saving efforts, Sal was made an honorary firefighter!

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