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5 Very Sick And Bald Puppies Rescued From The Side Of The Road Wouldn’t Stop Kissing Their Rescuers

While driving down a road in Vineland, New Jersey, a Good Samaritan spotted a saddening and shocking sight.

Cuddled up on the roadside were five tiny puppies, entirely bald and very thin. Knowing they had probably been dumped, the Good Samaritan reached out to the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter.

An animal control officer rushed onto the scene to collect the puppies. When they saw how awful the puppies looked, the officer decided to bring them straight to a vet.

The vet determined that they were likely around five and a half months old. They were totally hairless due to mange, extremely emaciated, had eye infections and swollen feet, and were riddled with open sores.

Vets suspected they may be mastiff-cane corso mixes, but in their condition, there was no way to be certain!

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

Once the vet checkup was over, the puppies were brought over to the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter.

Staff and volunteers fell in love with them very quickly, especially since these incredibly ill puppies were immediately just as in love with every single person they met!

These puppies had likely been through some horrible situations – neglect, fighting for their lives, and more – and yet they were so full of love and thankfulness.

They were extremely friends and covered everyone with kisses and affection. They were so sweet even though they were tired and sick, their tails always wagging!

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

Now, the puppies are working on recovery. Their little tufts of fur are very slowly growing back in, they’re starting to put on weight, and they’re receiving some much-needed love and affection.

They now live in foster homes and take regular medicated baths, consume antibiotics, and are given eye medications. Plus, they have vet checkups every single week!

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

It’s a lot for these puppies to go through, but they’re strong and loving, and their personalities are beginning to show. They all like being around other pups and they’re all excellent with people!

They’ve even been given an affectionate group name – The Mushroom Kingdom 5 – and individual names from the Mario game series: Mario, Bowser, Daisy, Princess Peach, and Luigi.

These puppies are set to be ready for adoption within a month, though this may change based on their healing process and progress.

They’ll have to be completely healed before they can go to forever homes, but things are looking up, and these pups can’t wait to be with families who will never neglect them ever again.

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

In the meantime, the Vineland Police Department is seeking any information about how these puppies wound up on the streets.

There are also concerns as to whether the puppies’ parents are still in their original home, and if they are also in a bad state.

If you have relevant information, please reach out to them at the number 856-691-4111.

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

You can also help contribute to the health of these puppies and provide support to the shelter behind their recovery by dropping a donation at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s website here.