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5 Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Close By

When your loved ones pass, it is often hard for us to cope.

Whatever the reason, life does not get any easier even though deaths are supposedly an unavoidable part of human life.

But what happens when you really feel that your loved ones are really around you – how can you tell?

Here are the top 5 happenings of how you can detect your loved one’s presence:

Your loved ones appear in your dreams – also called vivid or lucid dreams, these reality-like dreams are intense and emotional, like your loved one was really there.

You sense their ‘presence’ – you feel it, and can even see it, in the form of indentations on your bunk or just your 6th sense.

You feel them touching you – it could be their fingers or arms around you, providing a sense of comfort when you weep.

It is an unexplainable phenomenon – your phone signal was interrupted of all sudden, and there’s no storm.

You can smell them – suddenly, you smell your aunt’s perfume, or your grandma’s signature dish. And that brings back fond memories of the times you were with them.

What you think of these top 5 spiritual sensations?

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