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For 45 Years This Man Collected Pennies. Then At The Bank, His Total Took Me By Surprise!

It takes four quarters, 10 dimes, 50 nickels, or 100 pennies to equal a dollar. That is a lot of pennies. What if you collected pennies as a hobby? Otha Anders, 73, does. He started collecting pennies in the early 1970’s. He would just find them and save them. You know you see pennies all over.

Not many people think too much of a penny – it is just one cent. You have to find 100 of them to get a dollar – it is a lot of work. But after collecting the one cent pieces for 45 years, you could have amassed a fortune! Anders had put all the pennies he found into water jugs. Then he took his jugs to a bank in Ruston, Louisiana to cash them in.

Take a look at this video

In all, Anders had collected enough pennies to earn him over $5,000! Share away, people!