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40-Ton Whale Was Recently Filmed Jumping Out Of The Water – Now The Clip Is Going Viral

This is one for the record books! Check out the 40-ton humpback whale catching some air in the Indian Ocean! An adult humpback whale can weigh about 36,000 kg or 66,000 lbs and measure up to 52 feet in length! The amazing footage was captured off the coast of Mbotyi by a scuba diver named Craig Capehart.

At the time, Capehart was sitting in an inflatable boat – you can imagine how surprised Capehart was to see the enormous whale emerge from the water! The video below is nearly 3 minutes of whales surfacing, and it is awesome! I would love to see these beautiful creatures in person some day!

Take a look at this video

Capehart wrote that a video of a full-size humpback whale leaping out of the water (its whole body) has never been captured on video! Share away, people!