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4-Year-Old Twins Performing ‘The Nutcracker’ On Ice Brings Joy To The Crowd

The Nutcracker is one of the most cherished, classic Christmas ballets of all time.

It is performed on countless stages across the world every November through December, which, alone, should act as a testament to just how beloved its story is.

The music is just as legendary as the tale itself, one that just about every child across the United States knows.

So, what could make this timeless tale even better?

A performance by four-year-old twin ice skaters – that’s what could make it even better!

Uploaded to YouTube back in 2008, the incredible video of Katarina and Dakota DelCamp is truly incredible.

These four-year-old prodigies take to the ice in a truly unparalleled fashion.

Performing the ageless ballet on the ice is no small feat, but these small skaters bring it to life in the largest of ways.

Dakota, the brother in this duo, is simply adorable in his nutcracker costume, and his sister looks like a little angel as she skates backwards (yes, backwards!) across the ice.

It’s no wonder this video has received over 5 million views, nor is it any wonder that Katarina, now all grown up, has been invited to the United States Figure Skating Team.