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Watch The Mayhem As Dad Tells 4 Dogs That They’re Going To The Park

A Canadian YouTuber named T3 owns four large dogs that need their daily exercise.

So he loads them into his car every day to take them to the local park where they can run about, chase balls and each other, and sniff all of the exciting aromas in the air.

He recently filmed the reaction of his four German shorthaired pointers when he announced that they were headed to their favorite exercise spot for a walk.

The dogs are calm but alert at the start of the trip.

They continue to enjoy looking out the car windows or poke their heads out of the open window for fresh air.

Then when T3 asks that all important question about what is their destination today, the dogs immediately show their excitement and approval, barking and howling in unison at the joyous good news.

In fact, the foursome are so excited about being taken to their favorite location that they can hardly contain themselves, almost forcing their owner to pull the car over to the side of the road until everyone can calm down.

T3 insists that the dogs’ reaction is the same every day!

They never lose their enthusiasm for playing in the park.