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4 Children Find Parents Dead On Floor, Then Notice What’s On Dad’s Face

They had what seemed to be the ‘perfect’ life. But, Brian and Courtney Halye were both found dead in their home on March 16. They both died from an apparent drug overdose. The worst part is that the children were the ones who found their dead parents and called 911. Officer John Davis from the Centerville Police said that the opioid epidemic crosses all lines – education and wealth don’t matter.

The New York Times reported that the opioid addiction problem used to be more of an inner-city problem, but that has drastically changed in the past decade. Most heroin users are now whites in the middle or upper class. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated that more people died from drug overdose in 2104 than ever before.

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The real tragedy in this story is that the couple had four children, who are all now without parents.

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