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39 Little Singers Adorn The Stage, Minutes Later Crowd Hypnotized Hearing Their Angelic Voices

The Armenian Little Singers are an amazing group of children aged 11 to 18 who form a talented choir, performing all sorts of sounds from a wide variety of genre. Founded in 1992 as part of the World’s Little Singers organization, the Armenian Little Singers are loved internationally and have received the European Academy of Natural Sciences’ Leonardo da Vinci silver medal.

Image Credit: YouTube

During their 2012 concert tour to Japan, the choir performed at the ACROS Fukuoka Concert Hall, and one of the songs they performed was “Edelweiss”, a song written by Richard Rodgers from the 1959 musical The Sound of Music. Directed and conducted by Tigran Hekekyan, the choir’s voices are sure to make you feel like you’re floating in paradise!

Image Credit: YouTube

Each note and harmony is executed beautifully and perfectly, with no technical errors to speak of and full of emotion. It’s amazing how individuals this young are full of this much talent and skill, and they perfectly encapsulate the nuance of the song, which is sung in the musical when a character has to say goodbye to his home country.

As the song progresses, the singers start to sway back and forth, being carried away with the melody and words, immersing themselves in their craft and art. It’s an incredibly thing to watch, and the audience is on their feet as the song draws to an end. Bravo!