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Daughter Tells Dad About 30 Cows In A Field And 28 Chickens, But He Doesn’t Get The Joke

Jokes like this make you realize that it is important to listen carefully. We could type the joke – but it loses a little in the translation when you do that, so, we will just tell you to watch the video and listen as the girl tells her father. Then pause the video to see if you get it. Give yourself a second and really think about what she just said.

Do you get it? Don’t feel bad, if you didn’t. Turn the video back on and see if the girl can help explain it. Keep your eye on dad; you can tell he doesn’t get it either – so you are in good company if you are struggling! Dad finally gives up and asks for the answer. Wait for it!

Take a look at this video!

You see the exact moment when Dad gets the joke! Now, go find a friend and tell them this joke – see if they get it!

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