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3-Year-Old Tells Parents He Was Murdered In Past Life. Then They Make Gruesome Discovery

Do you believe in ghosts? How about reincarnation? A religious sect known as the Druze, believe in reincarnations. The origins of this faith can be traced back a thousand years ago to Egypt, according to Every Culture. The Druze have no homeland, but can be found in Israel, Syria, and Lebanon.

A three-year-old living near the border of Israel and Syria told his parents that he was murdered in a previous life – and they took it seriously.

The boy was able to tell his parents that he was killed with an ax and took elders to the village he used to live. The young boy was able to tell the people what the name he went by was too.

The villagers recalled a man by that name had gone missing four years ago. Even more shocking is that the three-year-old could identify the man who had killed him! When they confronted this man, he started to act odd – but never admitted to the crime. Next, the boy led everyone to where the body had been buried.