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Watching This 3-Year-Old Rescue Cow’s Best Friend Will Definitely Warm Your Heart!

This is the story about Gizmo, a rescued steer. Life for Gizmo at Sweet Farm is, well, sweet! Sweet Farm is a non-profit sanctuary for animals and is located in Half Moon Bay, California. Gizmo is a very happy cow after being rescued, and he has many, many friends. But Gizmo’s BFF is a 33-year-old stallion named Sturgis.

Gizmo, by the way, is 3-years-old. So, it is true then that age is just a number! A thirty year gap in age and Gizmo and Sturgis have and incredible friendship. You can watch the video below to see the two interact. As you will see Sturgis doesn’t act his age when he and Gizmo play! Would you believe Gizmo gives Sturgis a bath?!

Take a look at this video

I have never seen a horse and a steer have so much fun together!

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