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3-Year-Old Who’s Never Spoken Before Stuns Mother After Whispering To A Donkey

Twin girls, Hope and Amber Austwick, weighed only 1 pound, 2 ounces at birth. Amber needed a tracheotomy and at three years of age hadn’t yet started to talk. The tracheotomy had restricted some of the air to her vocal cords, and Amber was unable to laugh or speak. Amber’s parents, Tracy and Julian, took her to a donkey sanctuary to let her spend time with the therapy animals.

When Amber met the rescue donkey, Shocks, the two formed a bond like no other. Amber wasn’t even afraid of the donkey who towered above her! After spending some time together, Tracy was floored when she heard her daughter whisper into the donkey’s ear, “I love you.” Never before had Amber uttered one word!

Watch the video below

Shocks had somehow helped Amber find her voice! Amber is now a chatty 6-year-old!

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