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3 Women Are Strapped In An Electric Chair And Their Final Words Are Hysterical

Although many forms of humor in today’s world come in the form of digital memes, others choose to tell jokes just like they always have been shared with others.

The premise of this joke is held in Mexico.

Three females head down from the Northeastern United States to the southern border of Texas to go play a part in a university graduation ceremony.

All three of them got unarguably black-out drunk following the event.

Unfortunately for them, all three of them found themselves in a Mexican jail.

They didn’t know what they were in trouble for, but they soon found out that they were to be killed as their punishment the next morning.

A redhead pops in the electrical chair and shares some last words, “Not too long ago, I got a degree from the Harvard School of Law. I feel confident in trusting the scales of justice to prove my innocence.”

The executioner hits the switch and nothing happens.

A brunette, the second girl, shares, “I just got a degree from Trinity Bible College and know God will intervene on my innocence’s behalf.

The switch is hit again.

The brunette is spared, just as the redhead was earlier.

A blonde, the last of the three women, was up.

She said, “I went to the University of Texas and majored in electrical engineering. You sure ain’t going to electrocute anybody unless it’s plugged in!