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3 Kids Walk Up On Stage With Giant Hats, 1 Minute Later Everyone’s Laughing

Do you remember The Oak Ridge Boys’ classic song, “Elvira?” Well, you are in for a treat, we have three tiny (looking) performers dancing along to that very song in this video – and they are wearing gigantic cowboy hats! One of the dancers is Ashlin, and her brother, Walker, is running to be on the associated student body (or the student council) of his middle school.

Walker asked her and two of her friends to do this to help him win! Like any good sister, Ashlin said ‘yes!’ As you will soon hear, the crowd went wild when the gigantic hats took the floor! The trio of dancers thrilled the audience with their toe-tapping routine! Walker told the audience just before the performance that “actions speak louder than words.”

Take a look at this video!

The Elvira Three, as they are known, are full grown people that dress up like tiny cowboys!

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