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3 Girls Take The Stage With Their Violins, But It’s Their Dance Moves That Are Causing A Stir

Dancing and playing music at the same time can be a feast for our eyes, but if you were to ask the performers, they’ll tell you just how challenging it really is!

What you’re about to see is a group of girls dancing to the famous country song ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’!

You’re not going to believe what you’re about to see and trust me, you’ll be blown away!

The girls in this video are not only dancing but also playing the fiddle and those who know a fiddle, know that while it sounds wonderful, it isn’t easy to play!

It takes a lot of practice and expertise to play it right because a fiddle lacks frets and hence the player should know exactly where to place their fingers to make the correct sound.

You can then imagine that these girls must have dedicated hours and weeks of their lives, worked hard to ensure they wow the crowd and drop everyone’s jaws!

What you’re about to watch is going to leave you wanting for more.

One of the girls named Hillary Klug has invested her time to the art since she was eight years old and so you can imagine seeing just perfection!

Wait there’s one thing you probably don’t know about Hillary – her shows are always sold out!

Yep, even her international shows sell out before people even get a chance to check out what’s going on!

Not only does she write books, but also records herself dancing and playing music online, giving her fans an opportunity to see more of her talents.

Most young people dream of the heights Hillary has reached, but it takes hard work and dedication to reach the top and while Hillary is still climbing her ladder of success, this performance is going to play a key role in catapulting her to the top!

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