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3 Boys Walk Onto Stage. In Seconds, Their Voices Merge & Crowd Paralyzed Over Song Choice

There’s something to be said about the way people of different ages perform more spiritual, meaningful songs. Many believe that songs like “You Raise Me Up” by Rolf Lovland sound best performed by those who can truly understand the meaning of the song and have had life experiences that resonate with it.

But that was certainly not the case at the Internal Children’s Music Festival in 2013, where three young boys took the stage in pristine white suits to sing their hearts out. As they stood in a triangle with their backs to each other, the camera panning around them, and the music began to play, the audience already could tell they were in for a treat!

Image Credit: YouTube

The first boy began to sing the opening lines of the song in a surprisingly deep and rich voice, and when the second took over, he also shocked the audience with a stunning tenor voice both youthful and resonant. The third boy took his turn in the chorus, where an incredibly high voice rivalling a female pitch emerged! It was safe to say that these three were giving Josh Groban a run for his money!

Image Credit: YouTube

With so much emotion in the voices of these young singers, it’s no surprise that they wowed the crowd and earned uproarious cheer. This amazing performance will amaze you, too! Check it out here.

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