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27-Year-Old Cyclist Posts Photo Of His Legs After Biking 1,700 Miles In Tour De France

Each year cyclists from around the world participate in the Tour de France. It is a multiple stage bicycle race that was first organized in 1903, according to Wikipedia. The only time the race has not been done was during both World Wars. The race takes place over 23 days, and it covers 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles)!

It takes a lot of time, talent, and practice to be able to ride a race of this magnitude. But even the fittest and able-bodied athletes will be tested during the competition. This year, the Tour de France started in early July and will be finished on July 23.

cyclist legs

Image Credit: Paweł Poljański / Instagram

Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski, 27, recently shared a photo of his legs after having completed 16 stages of the grueling race.

At this point, the cyclists have covered more than 1,758 miles and have just 450 miles left! The photo may be graphic, but it shows what these athletes put their bodies through to compete.