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23-Year-Old Cat Surrendered To The Shelter In Her Golden Years Finds Love Once Again

This gray cat was 23-years-old when she was dropped off at a shelter. Her name is Ora. Ora had lived with her human family since 1994 and was surrendered for an unknown reason to a shelter in Chicago.

The only thing the man said when he dropped her off was that Ora was peeing outside the litter box and hadn’t seen a vet in a long time.

Within 24 hours, Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions took Ora out of the shelter and began to work on finding her a new home. Located in Woodstock, IL, Young at Heart is a safe haven and rescue for senior cats and dogs.

Dawn Kemper from Young at Heart was happy to say that Ora is settling in at her foster home. The group is committed to finding Ora a new home. Love doesn’t have an age limit.