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2-Year-Old’s Talent Has Celebrities Lining Up To Meet Him (Video)

Titus Ashby, a young toddler with a rather exceptional talent for basketball, has pretty much become YouTube famous. And it’s all thanks to his trick shots and the fact that he can almost always get the basketball into the basket. So far, the kid’s done some pretty awesome tricks! He can easily shoot for a basket, but that’s too basic for him at this point.

The best part is that Titus always has his family’s unconditional support. Titus has gotten so famous that he even got to meet Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, both who he challenged to a basketball shoot out. Needless to say, he won both of these contests by a huge margin. He’s really confident in his abilities and it’s really helping him to grow!

Take a look at this video

If you want to feel inadequate, just watch Titus showing off his awesome skills, and think about what you were doing when you were two or three years old. But seriously, though, this kid is really going places!

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