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2-Year-Old Hears His Favorite Song. Grabs Sticks And Leaves Internet Completely Awestruck

What were you doing at 23 months old? Howard Wong is exactly that age, but he’s already picked up an incredible skill and through that talent, has wowed the Internet and proven that one day, he’ll be taking the world by storm.

The video begins with the adorable pint-sized Howard sitting behind a huge drum set that belongs to his dad. You would probably expect to see something cute but very noisy happening in the next few moments, but as it turns out, this isn’t what’s about to happen at all!

Image Credit: YouTube

Dad puts on a song, and Howard launches into a series of beats that perfectly accompany the song. He makes no rhythmical errors and keeps up an outstandingly synchronized pattern throughout the entire song. Every now and then, he does a couple of fancy tricks, going from snare to cymbals with little hesitation.

Image Credit: YouTube

When the music comes to an end, the little boy finishes with a flourish, and then even continues to hit at the drums, as if he’s sad the song ended and wants to continue. Aww!

By the way, Howard is now 12 years old and continues to show off his chops with plenty of incredibly cool drum solos on YouTube. He’s going to be a superstar one day with all those amazing moves and groves!