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2 Stray Cat Moms Give Birth On Woman’s Patio, Surprising Her With 8 Babies!

Let’s have a quick math review. What is two plus eight? If you said ten – you are correct! That is how many cats came to one woman’s house. The woman had been feeding two stray siblings – the next thing she knew they had brought over their eight kittens!

The two momma cats are Apollo (on the right) and Artemis (on the left).

So, the stray cats are no longer strays! They were taken in and given a safe home to raise their babies! Thi, Thoa, and Tram Bui from Lilo, the Husky were the lucky people chosen to foster the feline family!

The kittens were soon given names. Here are Reese, Phantom, Salem, and Stella – they are Apollo’s kittens.