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This 2-Minute Video Is One Of The Most Beautiful Things I’ve Ever Seen

It may not take you that long to realize that the words being said in this video are the lyrics to a well-known song by Louis Armstrong – “What a Wonderful World.” You may find yourself humming along! The video comes to us from the BBC, and it shows us that we do have a wonderful world. The images are stunning and may take your breath away!

David Attenborough is the narrator of the video that came out in 2011. Attenborough is a naturalist and broadcaster who is considered a national treasure in Britain, according to Wikipedia. It is nothing short of stunning. I was a little disappointed that it only lasted two minutes – I could have watched for a few more hours! Watch the video and be amazed!

Take a look at this video

We are certainly lucky to live on such an amazing planet!

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