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2 Dogs Running And Looking For Help After Woman Suffers Stroke

When Florida resident Maureen Hatcher suffered a stroke that made her fall onto the floor of her home, the only other family members in the house at the time were her two Labrador Retriever dogs, Bella and Sadie.

Maureen was able to alert her pets to that fact that she couldn’t get up from the floor, much less move a muscle, and needed them to go for help.

Strokes can cause permanent brain damage and disability, so getting fast medical attention is crucial, something that Maureen’s dogs seemed to instinctively understand.

Knowing their mommy was in serious trouble, Bella and Sadie barged through the front door of the house, barking and yelping as they ran through the neighborhood to rouse other neighbors to the fact that their mother needed help.

Maureen’s Ring doorbell security camera captured the dogs’ heroic actions as they finally managed to get the attention of a nearby neighbor named Alexandra.

She immediately followed the dogs back to Maureen’s house, where she found lying on the floor, now unconscious.

Alexandra quickly dialed for paramedic assistance by calling 911 as Bella and Sadie stood guard over Maureen.

Today Maureen is recovering from her life-threatening stroke.

She and her whole neighborhood knows that that actions of her loyal pair of Labrador Retrievers helped to save her life, proving once again that dogs are not only man’s best friend but also a woman’s best friend in times of medical emergency.