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17-Year-Old Cat Beaten And Abandoned By Her Owners, Gets A New Shot At Life

Cinnamon is a cat who lived all of her life with an elderly couple, who unfortunately passed away within a few months of each other.

That’s when life took a disastrous turn for poor Cinnamon, as relatives of the couple begrudgingly took in the cat, but made a daily game of chasing her through their house, beating her with sticks.

This once calm and loving animal soon turned into an unrecognizable creature who seemed to have a permanent scowl on her face, feeling confusion, anger and hatred at the abusive treatment she had to endure on a daily basis.

But Cinnamon at the ripe old age of 17 had a guardian angel watching over her.

She was rescued by a new family who took the time and patience required for Cinnamon to regain her trust again in the human race.

Her life didn’t change instantly, but on a day to day basis, as her new family kept her fed and warm, speaking gently to her, slowly introducing her to play toys, until the day Cinnamon finally accepted a few calm strokes against her fur.

Over the course of time, and with a lot of love, the formerly abused Cinnamon is now a cat who feels content, spending her day playing and purring in the arms of her new loving family.

This sweet kitty now plays and purrs, I’m in tears watching…