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17 Photos That Are So Perfectly Timed, You Just Have To See Twice

Picture perfect. Most of us own a camera. Many of us carry that camera around as part of our phone. We can whip that camera out to catch the funny, sad, and controversial moments in our lives. But, often times the pictures don’t come out quite right. Some of the pictures are blurry and out of focus.

Someone blinked just as you clicked the button. Or we were not fast enough to catch the moment on film. The resulting photo is just a useless image of what happened right after the moment we were hoping to catch. The following 17 pictures are just perfect. They are so perfect they seem to represent something that isn’t even happening.

1. Dog in a bubble? Or dog chasing a bubble?

perfectly timed pictues

Image Credit: Fizzgig11

2. Butterflies represent life – a new life.

perfectly timed pictues

Image Credit: David Taggart

3. Deer around the world are jealous of this guy!

perfectly timed pictues

Image Credit: Boriana Kovacheva

4. Perfect!

perfectly timed pictues

Image Credit: Sindri Skúlason