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Cop Rescues 15-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking During Routine Traffic Stop On Highway

Human trafficking, a growing pandemic in the United States, has reached nauseating heights.

Fortunately, authorities are working diligently to cease this morally repugnant issue. One such hero is Mitch Ross.

Ross, a patrolman in Ohio, was monitoring the highway when he noticed a suspicious vehicle on I-80.

At first, Ross thought the male driver was nothing more than an obstinate traveler who didn’t take kindly to police instruction.

Ross was just about to issue a citation when he noticed a younger female passenger.

Unfortunately, the girl didn’t speak English, and the language barrier made it difficult for Ross to determine whether or not she was in danger.

Ross acted on his instinct and called a translator to clear up any confusion. The translator echoed the officer’s apprehension and urged Ross to keep an eye on the girl.

The truth eventually came to light, and Ross discovered that the 15-year-old girl was being taken to Chicago for sex trafficking.

The 35-year-old abductor was immediately taken into custody and is being held at the Lucas County jail. He will soon face charges for abduction.

When the victim finally worked up the courage to reveal the details of her capture, she divulged that the man forced her to perform sexual acts on him.

The teenager received prompt medical attention, and her innocence and safety are no longer in jeopardy.

Let’s hope more officers like Mitch Ross can bring an end to human trafficking.