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15 Hairstyles From The 80’s That Show Not Everything Was Perfect

Lots of us have nostalgic feels for the past.

If you grew up in the 80s, you may have cravings for those old simple times and miss the vibe of that era.

After all, the human brain tends to remember things fondly, keeping more good memories than bad – so of course, if you have good memories of the ’80s, you’ll miss them every now and then!

There’s no denying that the ’80s were much simpler.

The world moved more slowly, jobs were easier to find, and smartphones hadn’t yet allowed everyone to reach out to others around the world without leaving the comfort of their homes.

So, sure, one could argue it would be fun to live in the ’80s again. But would you really want to go back?

Let’s face it: going back to the past isn’t really the best option, ever.

There are plenty of more serious and practical reasons for that, but one amusing and minor one is the fashion sense.

Style evolves and changes over the years, but one thing is constant – in 10 years, we’re always cringing at the last decade’s choices.

Don’t believe us? Just think of the common ’80s hairstyles.

They were big, messy, and always looked unkempt for some reason.

Coupled with the bold, boxy fashion sense of the time – including big blazers, bright colors, chunky accessories, and more – they certainly make a statement – and we’re not so sure it’s a good one.

So sit back and laugh at these hilarious pictures that show just how ridiculous we all looked in the 1980s.

There’s no justifying these silly, shocking hair choices, and here’s hoping they don’t make a comeback anytime soon!

1. It was a confusing time when we couldn’t decide whether hair should be noticeably long or ridiculously short…

2. … and even mixed colors and tied styles to the point of no justification.

3. A keyboard, glasses, and a gnarly haircut? Leave some dates for the rest of us!

4. Is this person a toddler or a 50-year-old? With that cut, who can tell?

5. Shaggy on the top, straight on the bottom…

6. … poodle on the top, straight on the bottom?

7. Why grow your hair out when you can just pile more hair on top of it?

8. This person, who really, really went at it with the hairspray.

9. Also, this girl, who really, really, went at it with what may have been her first ever can of hairspray that she didn’t know how to use.

10. In this case, the hair is the least questionable thing about this picture.

11. Hairdresser: What hair length would you like? This person: Yes.

12. This… thing that looks more like a bad bird’s nest costume than a hairdo.

13. These enviably luscious locks in all the wrong places…

14. … and these less enviable yet still very luscious locks that could be put to better use in literally any other style.

15. He-man called, he wants his hair back.

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