When you’re in middle or high school, it’s supposed to be an exciting time in your life.

It can also be the most challenging time in your life as you experience heartbreak and other issues with your friends that you simply can’t explain.

Other people begin to notice the little details that you wouldn’t expect them to take note of, and they will often make a big deal of some of these things if they feel that it’s a concern or if they feel that they can benefit in some way.

Unfortunately, one of the things that teenagers in the 13-year-old age bracket face is pregnancy.

Whether they intend to get pregnant or not is still up in the air, but it does happen.

Kennedy Griest was 13 when she went to what was supposed to be a fun pool party with her friends in high school.

They did many of the things that typical teenagers do when they are together.

They took pictures in their bathing suits, jumped in the water together, and talked about the latest gossip going around the school.

The pictures that were taken were posted online.

When Kennedy’s friends looked at the pictures, they thought that she looked like she was pregnant because of the way that her stomach appeared.

Several rumors about Kennedy started making their way around the school.

She was surprised that everyone would say something like that, and she wanted to prove that everyone was wrong.

She knew that she had used protection with her boyfriend and that there was little to no chance that she could be pregnant.

However, Kennedy started to notice changes with her body.

She thought it was just the normal changes that most teen girls experienced, so she ignored what was happening.

Soon, she decided to take a pregnancy test so that she could stop the rumors in school and to put her mind at ease.

Kennedy learned that she was indeed pregnant. She also knew that she was going to keep her baby.

Kennedy’s little girl changed her life, and she is now speaking out about teen pregnancy.