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13-Year-Old Boy Walks 2 Miles To Save Tiny, Emaciated Puppy From Dying

Delft is an under-developed, poor area in South Africa. Crime and gang violence are commonplace. The boy you see here holding the two puppies lives in Delft. Just two miles away in a community called Dlikkiesdorp, three women are helping make the lives of animals a little better.

Rosie Kunneke, Stöckigt, and Clarina Hanekom founded Tin Can Town which gives free medical services to local pets. They also provide a much-needed spay and neuter program. Back in Delft, the thirteen-year-old boy was trying to nurse his puppy back to health, but he wasn’t having any luck.

The pup wasn’t able to lift her head up, and she had bloody diarrhea. The boy knew of Tin Can Town and carried his puppy during the two-mile walk! The puppy was in terrible shape when she arrived. The boy said he couldn’t afford to buy her food.