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High School Discovers 100-Year-Old Secret Behind Their Classroom Walls

Ever wish you could find some historical artifact in your backyard? You know, you go out to dig in your garden, and you unearth this mud-crusted thing and think – what is this? You wash it off with baited breath only to discover it is an old rusty hot wheels car that was probably left over from the last family that lived at your house.

Oh well, maybe next time! Emerson High School wasn’t hoping to find an archaeological prize, they were just trying to renovate the school.

They were removing the blackboards and replacing them with whiteboards. As the workers began to pull the old boards off, they discovered some other chalkboards behind!

Some of them hadn’t been touched or seen for about 100 years!

You have to wonder why they were covered up in the first place! Maybe it was just less expensive to cover up the old ones with the new boards.

But, what is amazing is that some of them still had writing and drawings on them!