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10-Year-Old Boy Performs Heartwarming Routine For A Blind Deer Every Day

Having a disability can often put people and animals at a disadvantage. As humans, we have ways to overcome or to deal with disabilities better than wildlife. Imagine being a deer. Life is fairly hard for them in the first place, they are hunted by man, coyotes, wolves, and more. Having a disability means certain death.

A man found a deer that was blind wandering around his neighborhood and decided to give her a hand. A ten-year-old boy also had seen the deer and every day he would come outside and spend time with the deer.

boy and blind deer

Image Credit: Tabitha Russell / Flickr

The boy would take the deer to find good spots to graze. He would gently guide her by the neck! The deer would not have been able to find the grass on her own – the boy was her guardian angel!

boy and blind deer

Image Credit: Imgur