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Stranger Grabs Girl From Yard — 15 Minutes Later, 3 Words Save Her Life

As children, we were taught by our parents not to trust strangers, let alone receive anything or go anywhere with them. Sometimes, children would not listen to their parents because they do not think that strangers can be dangerous.

This was the case for 5 year-old Jocelyn Rojas. She was kidnapped in front of her grandmother’s house by a stranger who promised her ice-cream. Instead, he grabbed her by the neck and shoved into his vehicle.

Word eventually reached the police and a search party was deployed to find her. Even the police dogs assisted them in the search, but to no avail. Nearly a mile away from Jocelyn’s home, Two 15 year-old teenagers had spotted the same vehicle that was used to kidnap her.

The boys, Temar and Chris, followed the vehicle for 15 minutes and stopped next to the driver’s window. Temar then looked into the driver’s eyes and said “I see you.” to him. These words prompted the driver to stop his vehicle at the end of the hill and release Jocelyn.

He was later caught by the police after the boys gave them a brief description of the kidnapper. Jocelyn was finally safe in her own home thanks to these two teenagers!

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