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Instant Karma: Police Horse Kicks Girl To The Ground After She Slaps It

What comes around goes around. Karma. It all happened during the annual Queen’s University Homecoming in Kingston, Ontario.

A young woman decided she would slap a horse on the rear. So, she did.

But the police horse didn’t find that she chose didn’t think it was a good idea – so, the horse kicked her!

Now, I am not saying that I am glad or happy that the woman was injured when the horse kicked her.

But, I am glad that she was ‘taught’ a lesson.

The horse, Murney, had had enough that day he had been smacked three other times. Enough is enough.

Honestly, what is the point of slapping a horse?

Take a look at this video

Anyway, one woman and two men were charged, but no one from the Kingston Police Department has said if the woman in the video was charged.

If found guilty, the people charged could be put in jail for 5 years.

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