woman vegetative state gives birth
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Investigators from the Phoenix police are conducting a search and DNA testing among the male workers of a healthcare facility for allegations of sex abuse.

Last Dec. 29, a woman patient, who’s supposedly in a vegetative state, gave birth to a baby boy but the Hacienda Healthcare staff members did not even know she was pregnant.

Witnesses told the New York Post that the woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, began moaning the day she gave birth.

No one could figure out what was wrong with her until the baby came and the staff had to immediately respond to her going on labor.

Many workers at Hacienda Healthcare had access to the 29-year-old coma patient because she needed constant and round-the-clock care.

She had been a victim of a drowning accident 10 years ago, which led to her vegetative state.


Following the sexual abuse incident, the management of the Hacienda Healthcare required male workers to be accompanied by female workers should they need to enter the rooms of female patients.

Hacienda Healthcare also increased the security around the hospital.

The facility also released a statement, through its board members, to uphold its reputation as a 50-year-old institution providing specialized care to its patients.

However, it refused to give any more statements to the press due to Federal and State laws. It will also cooperate with the authorities now that the matter is being investigated.

But a week following the news of the birth, Hacienda Healthcare CEO Bill Timmons resigned from his post and the board of directors accepted his decision without question.

No arrest has been made so far in connection to the sexual abuse of a vulnerable patient.


Karina Cesena’s 22-year-old daughter with traumatic brain injury is currently staying at the facility.

The mom told The Washington Post that she has no idea if her daughter is also a victim.

But with no arrests made thus far, she’s going to be sleeping in her daughter’s room to keep her safe. She also said that she has lost trust with Hacienda Healthcare.

Meanwhile, sources say that the woman’s baby is well and alive. It’s not clear, however, who has custody of the child since it was not known to the press if the patient had a family or guardian.

There are also reports indicating that the victim is a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

In fact, tribe’s chairman Chairman Terry Rambler issued a statement to express shock about the treatment of its member.


But this isn’t the first patient mistreatment at Hacienda Healthcare.

In 2013, a state record revealed that there had been an investigation into one of its staff members for a string of inappropriate sexual comments involving four patients.

This worker, who made offensive remarks against the people they were supposed to be caring and treating, was terminated but the facility’s management took more than a month to take action.

The state also castigated the facility for failing to treat its patients with dignity.

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