Being Homecoming Queen is a special recognition for a girl in high school.

Whitney Kropp was thrilled when she found out that she would be Homecoming Queen after the people in her school voted for her before the football game.

However, the 16-year-old girl was crushed after she learned that the students in the school had only voted for her as a joke.

Whitney didn’t know what to think as it seemed like a nightmare that she was living.

Whitney was depressed and even contemplated suicide because of the cruel actions of the other people in her school.

Many people in the community heard about what happened to Whitney and wanted to do something about the prank.

Her story was even heard in other states as students across numerous high schools were shocked and saddened by the events that happened.

Several groups on Facebook wanted to highlight Whitney and her family, bringing them into a positive light so that she would see that she was cared about by people she didn’t even know.

Whitney didn’t want to go to the homecoming game, but she decided to do something to get even with the people who made fun of her and who made her life miserable.

She wore a nice dress and carried flowers across the field as she upheld her nomination of a queen.