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Woman Gives Birth In Walmart Bathroom And Dumps Newborn Baby In Trash

Going to Walmart is often just a shopping trip. Other times, you give birth in the bathroom and leave your child in the trash. Yes, seriously.

This is exactly what happened at a Walmart in New Roads, LA.

The woman claimed her period was a little heavier than normal when she went into the retailer’s restroom.

An employee helped her by giving her extra paper towels.

Later, that same employee was horrified to find the woman’s lifeless baby girl in the trash.

The woman had left the store nearly four hours ago. The authorities were called, and the baby was taken to a local hospital.

She was given a temporary name, Olivia, and is expected to survive.

The mother has been identified as Kyandrea Thomas.

Take a look at this video

It is better that Olivia is not living with this woman.

Clearly, she is a heartless beast with no compassion for her child.

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