The most dangerous plane-related activity people face these days is the possibility of the plane being used as a terrorist attack.

With their high visibility, large sizes, and great potential for incredible destruction, many terrorists see planes as a super-attractive way to make a statement.

Especially after highly televised events like the 9/11 attacks – assuming that these terrorists aren’t just traveling to another country where they were pull off their planned acts of terrorism.

Since then, governments all over the world have established all sorts of airport-based agencies that are meant to prevent these terrorists from getting out of airports, or into the airspace in the first place.

One of the most well-known agencies in the world is the TSA.

Meant to protect the American public, the American agency is responsible for screening thousands of people and goods flying in and out of the United States.

If you are banned from bringing something on board, chances are it is the TSA behind that ruling.

There is just one problem – numerous studies and tests have proven that the TSA is practically useless, and is simply a waste of taxpayer money.

One particular study proved that 95 percent of their undercover agents were successful in sneaking their weapons past TSA security.

A horrifying number in and of itself, but even worse when you realise that this is the success rate of the people that claim to be protecting you.

To make matters worse, the TSA has a long and sordid history of inconsiderate behavior and horrible mistreatment, with horrifying examples including having cancer patients beaten up and tying up disabled people to wheelchairs with the use of dirty blankets.

Considering this is an agency that is funded by your own money, you would think that treating passengers with courtesy and respect would be the bare minimum.

Alas, it seems that no one in the TSA cares, and now the agency has yet another misdemeanor to add to their ever-growing list.

All NY Giants’ pro football player AJ Francis wanted to do was head on home after his beloved mother’s funeral cremation ceremony, carrying with him her ashes.

After such an emotionally stressful time, the last thing anyone would want is to bother someone in grief.

Unfortunately, the TSA did just that.

When AJ reached home, he discovered to his horror that not only had TSA agents had opened to search his mother’s urn, they had neglected to close it up after they were done.

The result?

His mother’s remains were spilled all over his clothing, ruining his belongings.

The desecration and violation of a loved one’s remains aside, just why would a TSA agent be required to go through someone’s ashes in the first place?

Since Francis’s public complaint on Twitter, there has been a massive public outcry.

It has prompted the TSA tweet in response, where they apologized and attempted to clarify that this was not normal procedure, and neither was it compliant with their policy.

Still, not everyone is happy, especially since this is just yet another incident on the long list of horribly acts the agency has done.

Maybe this will be the final straw, and they will start shaping up.