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Tiny Puppy Gets Placed Between A Bunch Of Kittens. When Mama Cat Sees The Intruder? Her Reaction… Epic!

When little Bobby the chihuahua’s mom passed away in a road accident, the shelter that had him knew he still needed a mother to nurse him, but they didn’t have the means to give him the care he needed.

The little one was transferred to the Michigan Humane Society – and their solution to his nursing needs is equal parts genius and adorable!

A cat named Gwen had just had a litter of kittens and was still nursing them, and staff at the society wondered if she would be kind enough to take in Bobby as one of her own.

They gently introduced them, putting Bobby as one of the litter – and Gwen happily took him in!

Soon, the pup was happily nursing from Gwen and became a part of the family.

Despite their differences, the pup fit right in with the kittens, playing with them and spending all his time with them.

Gwen certainly doesn’t care that he’s an odd addition to her litter. As far as she’s concerned, Bobby is one of her own.

Bobby has since grown and is now five weeks old, but he still spends lots of time with his kitten siblings – and he may even have picked up a few of their cat-like traits!

Both he and all his siblings hope to soon find their loving forever homes.