The presidential debates in Turkey have been heated, to say the least. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the sitting president and has been determined to claim reelection.


In fact, many people throughout the country fear that Erdoğan would take over the election to ensure his victory, making the election more of a show than a real election.

Amidst all of the fighting and politics, something happened that brought the sitting president and his rivals together.

Nobody thought this sort of agreement was possible. The heated political climate cooled down over a small puppy that was found beaten in a Turkish forest.

The small puppy had been left to die after a twisted person cut off all of its legs. Fortunately, the dog was still alive when he was found.

He was nursed back to recovery and his survival has become a viral story shared throughout the nation. The dog was found in a forest near the Sapanca district.


Although animal rights were not one of the central topics at the beginning of this presidential election, this puppy’s story may bring the issue to light.

Each candidate was forced to consider their stance on animal rights after the story of this poor puppy was shared throughout the nation.

Although the puppy was found alive, he died during a complicated surgery last week.

Government officials and potential candidates throughout the country are commenting on this awful event and how similar scenarios need to be prevented.

President Erdoğan issued a public statement during a rally that a suspect had been taken into custody in relation to the case.


Although a construction worker is considered as a potential suspect, it is important to realize that believing official reports in Turkey is a dubious proposition.

During this rally, Erdoğan stated “Whether at home or on the street, we will take the law into consideration and evaluate it. This operator was arrested today. The authorities in Sapanca ordered his arrest.”

He continued by saying, “There is nothing acceptable about this, but it is very important to show this awareness.”

Although there are many other issues being discussed during this election cycle, this puppy’s story has brought animal rights into the spotlight.