Stranger Walks Up To Soldier At Airport, Later Gets Urgent News Arriving At Hotel

There is very little that we can say or do to fully repay what the brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces provide. They protect us every day, and few things can express enough gratitude to thank them. But this one kind stranger decided to take the extra step to do just that.

Mr. Glascott was at the airport when Brad, a businessman, took a seat next to him and struck up a conversation. He was curious about the inner workings of the army and wanted to ask him about it. As they spoke, Mr. Glascott revealed that he was on leave after seven and a half months of service to see his family and to be there for his son’s birthday. Brad asked him for his address so he could send him a card, and Mr. Glascott filled out his address book, thinking nothing of it, and went to board his plane.

Image Credit: YouTube

Once reunited with his family, Mr. Glascott and his wife, who was in tears of happiness to see her husband again, as well as his two sons took off the The Great Wolf Lodge, where they would be spending their vacation. But the receptionist had a surprise for Mr. Glascott – a note had been left by Brad, wishing him a happy holiday from Atlanta, where they’d met. Mr. Glascott smiled at the gesture, and was about to pay for their room when the receptionist revealed another amazing surprise.

Image Credit: YouTube

This act of kindness by Brad made Mr. Glascott and his family’s entire day, and the rest of their stay, too! Watch the video to see exactly what happened.

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