snoop dog abandoned car

Despite the major efforts that have been implemented over the last few decades to raise awareness and educate the public, the number of people buying or adopting pets as a Christmas present continues to be a worrying issue.

As you can imagine, this subsequently leads to a large number of pets suddenly abandoned throughout the following few days or weeks.

This is because these new pet owners come to quickly realise that owning a pet is much more difficult than they initially thought it was.

It seems that this poor dog found in Stoke-on-Trent was on the receiving end of such a treatment.

The RSPCA has recently released CCTV footage that showcased a dog, a white Staffordshire bull terrier with black markings, being dumped at a roadside by an unidentified man in a car.

The man, who was accompanied by another person in the driver’s seat, had walked the dog to the opposite side of the road.

There, he had placed down the dog’s bed, then unclipped its leash before dashing back into the car.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the dog starts jumping up and down, trying to reach the car window with its front paws as if begging its owners to take it back.

This attempt was to no avail, as the car sped off without hesitation.

The dog, later renamed Snoop by the vets, was later rescued by a passer-by, who brought the dog to a nearby vet.

The vet contacted RSPCA shortly thereafter, and is now trying to uncover the identity of the man who abandoned the dog.

Natalie Perehovsky, an RSPCA Inspector, is presently asking members of the public to come forward should they have any information about this act.

Either identifying the vehicle, the man, or the dog would prove to be immensely helpful for the RSPCA’s investigations.

Scanning Snoop has unfortunately not revealed any additional information.

Two previous owners from the Birmingham area had been registered on the microchip, but it is believed both aren’t Snoop’s current owners, and thus the people behind his abandonment.

As such, the search continues.

Snoop is found to be an affectionate dog in good health, and his age is estimated to be about two years old.

He is presently staying at a private boarding kennel, where he is receiving some much needed care as the investigation progresses.

It is heartbreaking that such a friendly and loving pet such as Snoop could have been abandoned at a time like Christmas.

He is sadly one of the many animals that the RSPCA is taking into their care, who traditionally expects a large influx of abandoned animals during Christmas.

The estimated number of animals entering the care of the charity organisation over the course of winter is expected to be well over 10,000.

Snoop, however, won’t have to worry about his future.

Since the release of the news about this pup’s poor predicament, hundreds have offered to adopt him.

Unfortunately, Snoop isn’t available for adoption until the investigation is completed, but it is nice to know that he will be okay!

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